Fundraising Made Easy

From email campaigns to dinner fundraisers, there are numerous effective ways to blow past your fundraising goals. Try a Jeans Day at your office. If your office is business casual, you'd be amazed at how many people would contribute $5 or $10 to wear jeans to the office one day! Talk to your manager or HR office to get the ball rolling, this is the definition of fundraising made easy!

Be creative… Ask sponsors – friends, family, co-workers – to sponsor you with numbers or multiples of #34. Take it another step and multiple the numbers to get multiple of #34.

$.34 per mile OR $3.40 per mile OR $34.00 OR $34.34

Start by sponsoring yourself for $34 (DONE!) $34
Ask five family members to sponsor you for $25 $125
Ask five friends to contribute $25 $125
Ask five coworkers to contribute $10 $50
Ask five neighbors to contribute $10 $50
Ask five people from a service/community organization for $10 $50
Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 $50
Ask five local merchants to sponsor you for $20 $100
Ask two businesses you frequent for $25 $50
Jeans day at work $5 per person $50

With these steps you're more than half way there!

What about hosting a garage sale this summer or early fall! If you've been talking about doing it, it'll achieve two goals at once – less clutter and you can donate all or a portion of your proceeds!

Last, but not least, matching gifts are also a consideration. When obtaining matching gift forms from your employer, you will undoubtedly need information on our 501c3 status.

Please contact us if you need this information.
Walter & Connie Payton Foundation
Jarrett Payton Foundation

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